Lyrics and translation Fist In Fetus - Communion,

Fist In Fetus - Communion


Группа: Fist In Fetus
Альбом: Fist In Fetus (EP)
Год: 2007
Страна: Финляндия

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'Tired, distressed, abandoned
caged by walls created from uncertainty and self-deception'

'See me, taste me, hear me, feel me, let me
guide you, teach you, help you, make you Stronger'

'Silent words echoing, whose thoughts am I hearing? ”

'You say you are all alone, no one can know
the pain you will not show it really so?'

“Stranger speaks through me.”

'Embrace the grief and feel it giving meaning
to your living and your being - trivial as anything'

'Empty words, those are you saying.
You know nothing of my struggling.
I can't change what I am feeling,
no one keeps their wounds bleeding. "

Right in front I see, an image of me not being what I used to be
A doubt inside, engraved into my mind, of my Essence being redefined
Would there be dark or light if most of us were blind?

'Guilty conscience, Satisfaction, things not said,
thoughts without action, by those you made me true.'

"No need for your twisted thoughts."


Right in front I see, an image of me, not being what I used to be
a doubt inside, engraved into mind, of my essence being Redefined

"Difference made, if pain's away,
no more the weak will prevail"

"Things beyond we . "

'As good as anyone, as good as one,
it should be done.'

“I will decide for no other.”

'Righteous Deeds, should they please? Selfishness makes us ceased to be. '

“Only children can't decide for themselves.”

'Are you sure? What if they were just left unheard? '

'Not a Judgment, nor Redemption, But Release From Life's

Own' My meaning would be to release others from their pain?
Despite your skin I don't see it right, to act like Darkness would bring light. "

'Pitch black skies can be white when seen with different eyes.'

"I won't believe, please just leave, I'd prefer to be me."
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