Lyrics and translation Eyefear - Whispers Of The Soul,

Eyefear - Whispers Of The Soul


Группа: Eyefear
Альбом: A World Full Of Grey
Год: 2007
Страна: Австралия

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I can never tell who you are
Every time I think I know
You change your skin again
It feels like a touch cold wall
Tell me what you hide inside

Voices you hear from within
Look for a passage and follow it home
Don't summon the clouds to hide
Bring the light to the sky

On the edge of dawn
Tell me why do we feel so much pain
Angel I see your tears they're falling
Now comes the rain

Don't ever question why
What's the reason for the way things are
There's never any peace to have
Or any dreams to come true

On the night that he arrived for Heaven
Surrendered and what Hell could provide
So many faces looking in mine
Your gaze can only touch
The skin that you disguise
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