Lyrics and translation Dark The Suns - Like Angels And Demons,

Dark The Suns - Like Angels And Demons


Группа: Dark The Suns
Альбом: In Darkness Comes Beauty
Год: 2007
Страна: Финляндия

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I was watching the night of Eden
and thought everything is turning in my life
So many times I have lost my way
and had misfortune with me

Shadows were passing by
and made my eyes to see the grief
I remember beautiful moments
among the darkness of the night

Everytime I stare to darkness
everytime my tears will disappear
Everytime I feel the passion,
everytime I set my demons free

All flowers have withered
away from this life
I see how world has changed
turned the page

Everywhere I can see pain and violence,
tearful eyes and grief
and I see everywhere the angels
are crying for the world
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