Lyrics and translation Dark The Suns - Reflections,

Dark The Suns - Reflections


Группа: Dark The Suns
Альбом: In Darkness Comes Beauty
Год: 2007
Страна: Финляндия

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Those nightly whispers...
I hear the rain again,
this world is sleeping
From darkness comes forever beauty

Awake all alone...
memories are lost
like tears in the rain
My shattered soul has fallen down

When night is turning to the dawn
I don't want to be alone
my blackened faith is broken
I watch reflections of my life

Like a ghost I am...
I stare into the darkess
my thoughts are fateful
they break me down and make me see the dark

Waiting for a dream...
Those ghosts come again
in darkness and the rain
my shattered soul has fallen down again
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